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Sex Clinic Pune is an ideal clinic For all sex related problems, Dr Bhalerao has done his BHMS from Pune University and he is Member of Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International .he is practicing sexology since last 14 years and has changed life of many people’s having sexual problems.

Sex Clinic Pune is delicately designed healthcare clinic, known for its sophistication and reliability in Sexology. Counselling with a wide range of Homeo / Ayurvedic treatments. Sex Clinic Pune helps to solve your Sexual problems and Infertility problems in men and women, good experience in Pre- Marital councelling. Advanced therapies, crafted for everybody, enhance couples sex life.

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"It was getting very difficult for me to cope us with my male sexual problems. I consulted a number of specialists but the way Dr Praveen treated me was the best. He is a very practical doctor. During the treatment, he supported me a lot. I am so happy that I choose him for my treatment as now I am perfectly fine. He is not just highly qualified, but has years of experience in handling high risk cases."

"I was shocked to experience the problem of premature ejaculation. He is not just friendly, but also is very motivating. So many doctors I consulted, but his treatment was the best. Even in case of long queues, the staff was managing people in a very positive manner. I am so happy with the results of my treatment, that I will surely recommend Dr Praveen to anyone gladly."

"Our family physician personally recommended Dr Praveen as I was suffering from Male sexual problem. I feel so great after the completion of treatment. In order to diagnose my problem completely he asked me a number of questions. Never once that I felt that he is getting impatient, rather he has always responded to my each and every doubt with immense patience."

"I was shocked to experience the problem of nightfall. He is so nice that they even at odd hours one can call him in case of emergency. I never get sick, but then last year i started developing these symptoms. Even in case of emergency, the staff is always willing to help. The best thing about Praveen Bhalerao is that he prescribes limited no. of medicines."

"Thanks to Dr Praveen for provising me such a suitable small penis treatment. I can never forget him for this favor. Though it took long for the improvement but I can see considerable changes in my self over the period of time."

"One of my colleague referred Dr Praveen as I was looking for permanent contraception. He is well aware about innovative techniques to treat problems. The vasectomy surgery given by him was very effective. Thanks to him for the perfect advice."

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