Absent Orgasm

It is a condition in which women does not gets orgasm even after prolong sexual intercourse &when she gets orgasm after prolong sex then it is called inhibited orgasm. In some women even after normal sex desire, excitation & enjoyment, they do not achieve peak o sexual enjoyment i.e. orgasm. As against many women get multiple orgasm during same sexual act. Some women get orgasm during clitoral stimulation during manual stimulation or masturbation, but do not orgasm during vaginal sex. The orgasm is divided into clitoral orgasm & vaginal orgasm. In one study approximately 10% never experienced the orgasm in their lifetime & rest few percent women achieve the orgasm occasionally. The absence of orgasm is classified as either primary means she has never experienced the orgasm.

Secondary or acquired anorgasmia is called when inhibited orgasm develops later in life. Due to absence of orgasm coitus is not very pleasurable for such ladies. But luckily this problem is very easily amenable to treatment with newer drugs & advent of modern sex therapy techniques. It may be generalized i.e. absence orgasm with masturbation as well as no coital orgasm also. It can be situational also in which she gets orgasm with masturbation not during sex. In some women orgasm occurs only after very prolong stimulation to wife so that couple is always under pressure to achieve orgasm rather than enjoying the sexual act. This kind of inhibited orgasm is very frustrating for the couple. Absence of orgasm is most common sexual dysfunction in women whether married or unmarried.

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