Spermatorrhoea in pune


The meaning of Spermatorrhea is the flow of semen with urine. In such cases, semen passes either while passing urine or while passing stool when straining due to constipation. In few cases, the semen passes even before urination or also mixed with urine. In Spermatorrhea, the semen is secreted from testicles. It has also been noticed that some time instead of semen, secretion is passed from the prostate, which is known as prostatorrhea. The secretion from the prostate is milky without Spermatozoa while on the other hand in semen, spermatozoa are present.

This can be checked by the help of microscope. Over and above, sometimes the secretions take place from vesicles or Cowper’s glands. The secretion of vesicles is yellow in color and that of Cowper’s glands is colorless like water.

However, if prostatorrhea is not checked may cause Spermatorrhea. Therefore, this ailment should not be ignored at all and should be treated as soon as possible since it disturbs the whole nervous system and may cause impotency.

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Medication: Certain medications, such as antidepressants or alpha blockers, can help reduce involuntary
seminal emissions. Our team of experts can help determine the best medication options for your
individual needs.

Lifestyle changes: Lifestyle changes, such as reducing alcohol and tobacco use, avoiding spicy and oily
foods, and practicing stress reduction techniques, can also help reduce involuntary seminal emissions.
Herbal remedies: Certain herbs and supplements, such as ashwagandha, shilajit, and gokshura, have
been shown to help reduce spermatorrhoea and improve sexual function.

Psychological counseling: For some men, spermatorrhoea can cause anxiety and other psychological
issues that can affect sexual function. Our team of experts can provide counseling and therapy to help
men overcome these issues and improve their sexual confidence.

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